Paste Magazine // 40 Hilarious Game of Thrones and Arrested Development Mashups, brought to you by Arrested Westeros // Emily Hummel, creator of Arrested Westeros is, simply put, a renaissance woman. With a Masters in History, a career in non-profit, and a vast knowledge of television, she curates the hilarity that is this fantastic website for fans of both Game of Thrones and Arrested Development (and hilarious TV coincidences in plot).

Wired // Manga Moles & Success Steve Holt: The Best Arrested Development Fan Creations // Of all the online fandom output, one of the best – and nerdiest – Tumblrs is Emily Hummel's Game of Thrones and Arrested Development mash-up site Arrested Westeros. The Tumblr, which is composed entirely of Thrones images captioned with Development quotes, was inspired by an image Hummel saw of Hodor carrying Bran with the caption "Swoop me, Dragon!" "I just about lost it," she said. The site eventually even got a co-sign from show creator Mitch Hurwitz on Twitter.

io9 // Game of Thrones Scenes + Arrested Development quotes = Pure Magic // Well, this is why the internet exists. At the blog Arrested Westeros, Emily Hummel assiduously teases out the parallels between the scheming factions of Game of Thrones and the Bluth clan of Arrested Development by slapping dysfunctional dialogue of the latter on top of the former. The results synchronize delightfully.

Splitsider // Why Arrested Development and Game of Thrones Are Perfect Together // Emily Hummel, the creator of Arrested Westeros has, whether she realized it or not, hit on a fundamental truth about comedy here…Arrested quotes [are] funnier when you put them in context, but we didn’t realize just how dark and twisted that context was. In showcasing that darkness, Arrested Westeros takes something impossibly funny and somehow makes it even funnier. I can’t wait to see what hilarious revelations Season 2 brings.

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